The Plan B – What NEXT ?

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Ladies & Gentleman

The world is changing so rapidly that sometimes we wonder how we could cope with the changes. A few questions strike our mind, are the degrees or disciplines that we acquires still relevant and needed by the job market? Are our businesses sustainable enough to go through this rapid changes?

In the early 2000 the Germans announced the Revolution Industry 4.0 and recently the Japanese announce their Society 5.0

Basically they are focusing on changing the manufacturing or industrial production using more machines or artificial intelligence (AI) to replace human. Their focus was also on changing to renewable energy instead of burning coal by introducing the green technology. Industry 4.0 are also concern about health, various gadgets was introduced to monitor our health and intelligent equipments that helps doctors in their operation room. By using Cyber Space Information that link with the real world physical system they enhance the human mobility i.e., waze, google map etc.

The Japanese are very concern about their ageing society, in the year 2050 they expect to have 40% of their population aged above 65 years old while their births rate is below 1.5 to a family. Learning from Industry 4.0 they further improve and add new elements that will answer to their future needs. They come up with sensor system for machines and household product. They keep on improving their AI efficiency to support a prolonged independent life.

They emphasize on taking care of the world through recycling of goods, renewable energy, biodegradable and organic based food production.

All being said what are the effect to our life, our job and business? Are we ready for this changes? Come join us at The Plan B – Way Beyond Industry 4.0 is an introduction of a business which is ready to go through this changes.

The Plan B are suitable for start up businessman, businessman looking for diversity, professional looking for sustainable business opportunity and Gen Y who wish to retire young and retire rich.

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